What Is Affiliate Marketing And How It Works

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     In this post I’m going to explain what is Affiliate Marketing and how it works? Let’s start with the question:

What Is
Affiliate Marketing?   

     Affiliate Marketing is a business model where you promote someone else’s products and you get commission for each sale. It is one one of the quickest and cheapest but not easiest way to start making money online. Now let’s explain

How Does
Affiliate Marketing

     You simply link up a buyer and a seller, and you take commission for each sale. Now let’s explain step by step process know as:

Affiliate Marketing
5 Step Formula

     Step #1: A Visitor Arrives To Your Squeeze  Page – You bring visitors to your squeeze page using different ways like PPC (pay-per-click) on Google, Facebook, Bing. Or other ways like guest posting on high traffic web sites, posting a presentation in linkeshare where people view your slide and find your squeeze page through it.

     Step #2: A Free Gift Is Offered To The Visitor – This can be a high quality downloadable handbook, a video, a report on a topic he/she is really interested. All the visitor has to do to receive the freebie is to enter their email address, and the download link will be email to him.

     Step #3: The Visitor Enters Their Credentials To Receive The Freebie – After the visitor has entered their email address they start trusting you more because you gave them something really useful for free.

     Step #4: He Begins Receiving Newsletter Emails – Usually when you sign up for an affiliate program and you choose the product to promote, often times the vendor of that product writes well-written for you, so you can use those emails to create the email follow up sequence using any email auto responder service. I use myself Aweber! Those emails are sent automatically each day, or however you set up them. Now the visitor which became a lead starts trusting you even more.

     Step #5: The Emails Recommend products That Help The Subscriber Solve Its Problems – The visitor knows and trusts yo more, so he’s likely to listen to your recommendations. If he buys one of you are promoting in the emails, you get a commission for that sale. You continue emailing a few times per week. Over the year the visitor could end up buying several products you have recommended to help them solve their problems.

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