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MTTB Review  fully explained!

Stands for My Top Tier Business and it’s created by Matt Lloyd. It’s a membership digital products and belongs to the line of front-end products. Front-End products are only for acquiring new customers and starting to create relationship with them.

It costs $49, and it’s one time payment fee. It has 21 modules you can learn from. Here I’m listing all of them below. Click the picture for a better view:

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MTTB Review 1-6


MTTB Review 712

MTTB Review 7-12


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MTTB Review 13-18


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MTTB Review 19-21

As soon as you join the program, a coach will be assigned to you. They have two objective as they work with you. Train how to make money with MTTB and at the 5’th step you’ll be asked to upgrade to Silver Masterclass formerly called Mobe License Rights which costs $2947. Otherwise in the end of training you have a full overview how the MOBE works, and how you’re supposed to market MOBE products online.

At the 6’th step if  you have taken the decision to become a licensee, you get the benefit of accessing the four proven success digital products:

  1. How To Build A Funded Proposal (sales price $194 – if you become a license, you share is $174,60)
  2. My Email Marketing Empire (sales price $194 – if you become a license your share is $174.60)
  3. Affiliate Bonus Domination (sales price $291 – if you become a licensee your share is $261.90)
  4. The O.P.T Formula (sales price $194 – if you become a licensee you share is $174.60)

And you have access to other two products, where you get 50% commissions on those products and they are:

  1. BONUS: Traffic Masters Academy (sales price $297 – and you share is $148.5)
  2. BONUS: MOBE Licensing Kit (sales price $297 – and you share is $148.5)

If you don’t want to become a licensee you can become a Standard Affiliate where you get paid 50% on front-end commission and nothing in back-end commissions.


After you have finished the 21 training steps, you have access to 30 day traffic plan as a bonus. Here you will learn how to leverage YouTube, how to use solo ads. How to use sites such as Craigslist for advertisements. How to create PPC(pay per click) Bing Ads. How to get leads through guest posting on influential blogs. How to generate leads using a Facebook Ad promoting an event. How to use Banner Ad for lead generation. How to do mobile advertising. This was just a short description what you get on the traffic plan, there are also lots of other free video tutorials you can learn from on this 30 day traffic plan.

If you want to start with MOBE it’s important to choose one traffic plan method to generate leads. When you get good at it, then you change to another method.


There are parts of MOBE that are MLM. For example if you become a standard affiliate and start promoting MOBE products. If the MOBE sales team makes back-end sales in behalf of your products, then you won’t receive any back end commission such as $1250. For more read MOBE Review to see how the levels are separated and how you get paid.


MOBE pays all its affiliates when they make sales for every two weeks. It’s important you do your own research as well and see if this is a good fit for you! In my own opinion if the client has been told about MOBE and its products how they work including the levels (Silver, Gold, Titanium, Platinum, Diamond Masterminds)


  • NEVER have to create your own products
  • NEVER setup any website or hosting
  • NEVER have to create any sales funnel
  • NEVER have to deal with customers, returns, or merchant accounts
  • NEVER have to sell on the phone

Also in the members are, you will get:

  • Access to 21-step training program that will show you how to make your first BIG commission online
  • Daily videos
  • Your personal coach assisting you
  • A 30-day Traffic plan that shows you how to drive traffic to the offers, such as YouTube, Google/Yahoo/Bing PPC, and Social Media Marketing.

Because I’m a member of MTTB, and I did my own research before I bought, I usually I never misguide people selling MTTB without telling everything about it. If you want to join under me, I can create a web portfolio about you with FREE hosting for a year, free logo made for you from a professional designer, you’ll have also a free course on Udemy if you want to become a Web Developer. All of this costs around $1000 in bonus!

Summary of this MTTB Review. You learned what MTTB is it, how it works, how do the coaches help you, what is a licensee, is it a scam, is it MLM.


Below I’m writing the most common questions people do! If you still have questions please use the commenting section to ask!

What is the difference between MOBE, MTTB, or Ultimate Dot Com Life Style? Where can I join? Which will be beneficial for me?
If I pay $49 for 21 Step Training program (or MTTB or UliteMateDotComLifeStyle) do I have to pay $19 for being standard affiliate?
Is MOBE true or scam
I've have joined the 21 Step training program, and went through the 21 steps, so far I'm in the 4th step, each step has to be unlocked by a mentor and you have to answers about 10 questions before the mentor opens the next step. I saw somewhere that on the 5th step they will ask you to invest certain amount of money, like $2,500? Is it true
What happens if I don't upgrade to Silver level

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