How Much You Can Make If The Keyword Ranks No.1 on Google

     Dear reader, in this post we are going to write about how much money you can make if the keyword ranks No. 1 on Google, by monetizing your site with Google AdSense!


Before you start reading the post you must know:

  • What niche you are in (Internet Marketing, Fitness & Health, Photography etc),
  • You already know how to do keyword research
What is Google AdSense And
How It Works?

Please read this POST to have an idea what is a Google AdSense and how it works. Then come back to the this post to read about…

Formula How To Calculate
How Much Money That Keyword Can
Make Per Month If It Ranks No. 1 on Google

This is formula if you rank first on Google for the keyword, if you monetize your page or post with Google Ad Sense!

[keyword] = (Avg. monthly searches) * (CPC for the keyword) * (0.42 – searchers that will land in your website) * (0.68 – Google that pays you if there is a click to the AdSense through your page) * (0.04 – Avg. number of people that click on your AdSense through your site).

An Example Using Google Keyword Planner
for the keyword “online marketing”

Go to Google Keyword Planner and search for the keyword “online marketing” as shown in the figure below:

Now let’s go through each parameter of the Formula and explain one more time according to the figure mentioned above:

  • 10K-100K (Avg. monthly searches) – if we round this number is approximately 50K/monthly searches. So worst scenario is when you 10K/month. Average scenario is when 50K/month. And best scenario is 100K/month.
  • $12.86 (Suggested big) – This is cost per click (CPC) – how much the advertiser will pay Google if there is a click on their Ad
  • 42% = 0.42 (If the website ranks No.1 on Google, you can anticipate that 0.42 of searchers will land on your website) – note that, this number can change, but we are taking the average!
  • 68% = 0.68 (Google pays you back when there is a click in the Ad through your page)
  • 4% = 0.04 (People who land on your page and click on the ad). Note that not everyone who lands on the site will click the ad. The range is usually from 3%-10% and this is called Click Through Rate (CTR). There are other factors that make make higher click through rate such as the topic you have chosen, ad placement and things like that.

Now let’s calculate the whole formula:

Case #1: [online marketing] = 10000 * 12.86 * 0.42 * 0.68 * 0.04 = $1469 – worst scenario

Case #2 [online marketing] = 50000*12.86*0.42*0.68*0.04 = $7345.632/month – average scenario

Case #3 [online marketing] = 100000 * 12.86 * 0.42 * 0.68 * 0.04 = $14691 – best scenario

TIP To Know?

Choose at least 10 of these related keywords and write a post for each keyword. Your posts should be monetized with Google AdSense! In few days I’m going to tell you how to write a post to rank!

Article Summary:

  • You have learned what is Google Ad Sense and how it works
  • You have learned the formula how to calculate how much a keyword is worth if you rank it No. 1 on Google if you monetize your post or page with Google AdSense

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