How To Make Money Online With ClickBank & Bing Ads Without A Website

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Today’s lesson is going to be how to make money online selling products from ClickBank marketplace. The name of this business model is called Direct Affiliate Marketing. This model is helpful if you have really limited funds and you need some fast cash. You just set a budget like $3 or $4 for the campaign and start running it. Also you can use this online business model to build a real income, more than a couple hundred dollars per week. Now let me tell you the Read More

How To Write A Product Review That Sells

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Today’s lesson is how to write a product review that sells. Through this post you’re going to learn:

  • Why writing a detailed and complete product review it’s very important,
  • Who is going to read the product review,
  • How to use google docs which is FREE to access to write the product review,
  • How to list all the facts about the product,
  • How to translate the written facts to a list of benefits,
  • Where to read more info if you want to become top copywriter
Why Writing A Detailed And Complete
Product Review It’s Very Important

     Here I’m listing why writing a product reviews it’s important:

  • Sales – Because through this review people create connection with you and potentially they buy from you.
  • SEO –  You put long tail keywords, so you bring more traffic to your page when people search in engines for that product.
  • Authority – You create a name authority, so you get known world wide and people trust you!
Who Is Going To
Read The Product Review

     In this stage customer already knows the product but he yet doesn’t want for two main reasons:

  1. The first reason it’s he’s not sure what satisfaction the product can give to him or better saying he/she is not sure yet what the product does for them, so they search for product reviews by typing on Google, Bing/Yahoo for the review.
  2. The second reason is that the customer knows the product, heard all the claims, is aware of of the end result. But they still don’t buy it because they’re looking which product reviewers are offering better bonuses if they buy through them. I’m going to write another post about how to find and offer bonuses for you review a product.
How To Use Google Docs Which is
FREE To Access To Write The Product Review

     If you don’t have a gmail account, create one. It’s a great place to save data. Now let’s go to the most important part where you write all the facts about the product you have chosen to promote. Open account if you have, if not go and open a new one because it’s good for writing there. Create a folder named “PRODUCT REVIEW” or you can write the product name!


After you created folder, now go and create the file named “DETAILED FACT AND BENEFIT LIST SHEET” as shown below:


     At this step you created the proper environment for writing the product review. The good thing about writing on cloud is because you don’t have to carry anything with yourself like any USB or any other device.  Now go and start examining the product and find out everything you can about. Here I’m listing different options such as:

  • If it’s a Book, read it and write notes
  • If it’s a Video Digital Product examine it and write notes
  • If it’s a service, use it and ask questions etc.
How To List All The
Facts About The Product

Go to your drive and open the file name “DETAILED FACT AND BENEFIT LIST SHEET”.  Research for the product as much as possible, see other reviews, see people’s comments, see people’s satisfaction. Let’s take an example and let’s say you have a report to examine then as you starting reading write the facts, for example:

  • Fact 1: Author of the report is “John Doe”
  • Fact 2: Name of the report is “5 Step Formula To Succeed Online”
  • Fact 3: Report has 45 pages
  • Fact 4: Report has 5 chapters
  • Fact 5: Each chapter has a summary and to do in the end

Make it long, detailed and complete as much as possible! Now let’s see:

How To Translate The
Written Facts To List A Of Benefits

Next for every fact write the corresponding benefit as shown below:

  • Fact 1: Author of the report is John Doe
    Benefit 1: The benefit having a report written by John Doe is that he is very known world wide Internet Marketer, so he knows he writes.
  • Fact 2: Name of the report is 5 Step Formula To Succeed Online
    Benefit 2: Based on title it seems that everything it’s written Step By Step, so even the newbies can apply it’s content.
  • Fact 3: Report has 45 pages
    Benefit 3: The benefit of having 45 pages is that it takes less then 2 hours to read, so it doesn’t take days to read it.
  • Fact 4: Report has 5 chapters
    Benefit 4: The chapters correspond with the title, so it’s easy to remember the steps, which means one step one chapter.
  • Fact 5: Each chapter has a summary and a TO DO task in the end of it.
    Benefit 5: Benefit of having a summary is that it reminds you one more time what the chapter was about and what was the main topic. Also the benefit of TO DO task is that it engages you with real example what you got to do.
Where To Read More Info If
You Want To Become A Copywriter

      The late copywriter named Gary Halbert used to write blog posts that are helping people all around the World. People believe that he used to be the best copywriter in the world. This is Gary as shown in the image:


     Personally I have followed his advice’s about writing copy and they have helped me a lot and I strongly suggest you read at least his posts. I even printed all all of his posts and whenever I need motivation to start writing I read something from him and start writing.

Here are the links:

     Note the that the purpose of this post I have written it’s to tell you how to write a detailed product review not a sales letter where you need a headline, opening, transition, body, call to action, urgency, bonuses, etc. We will leave this part for another time, where I will let you know about that.


P.S. There is something more. I have just uploaded 10 videos about Affiliate Marketing and I’m going to write a review for the videos. So it’s a real case study for you to see how I wrote the product review, so you can do the same.

P.S.S. Also you are going to have free access to those video tutorials! And if you have any question, please don’t hesitate to write me!

How People Make Money Online With JVZoo Affiliate Network

Dear reader!

Today I’m going to share with you about how people leverage JVZoo Affiliate Network Program to make money online! Inside this post you will discover:

  • What is JVZoo Marketplace,
  • How you can benefit from  JVZoo Affiliate Network,
  • How to sign up for an PayPal account if you don’t have,
  • How to sign up for a JVZoo account,
  • How to link JVZoo account with PayPal account in order to receive commissions,
  • How to find products to promote
  • How to send a request to a vendor to approve the affiliate link for you
  • How to find the approved products.

First I’m supposing you already know:

What Affiliate Marketing
Is And How It Works?
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How To Learn More About An Affiliate Program

Dear Friend,

     While there are plenty of legitimate online businesses that you can start or you can take part in you need to avoid those scams that tell you about making millions with only a couple hours of work each day.

     An affiliate program can get you guided in the right direction if you pay close attention to this article and look closer into other sources as well. It simply isn’t going to happen and the only on that will be making money is the scammer who placed such ads in the first place. Read More

Why You Should Stop Selling to Internet Marketers and Start Selling to Silver Surfers

     Okay, this title was designed partly to get your attention…

     Sometimes, selling to internet marketers is a great idea. Internet marketers are generally willing to buy digital products, they are tech savvy, they have disposable income and they love buying books on making money because they will see it as an investment. Everyone wins.

      But when it comes to affiliate marketing, this niche is a little overcrowded. There are a million e-books out there on making money online and counting. How can you expect to stand out among that crowd?

      The solution is to stop focussing purely on this audience and to start looking elsewhere. For instance… how about silver surfers? Read More